Creative mind turned software engineer trying to find balance in life.


  • Dave Anthony

    Dave Anthony

    Intellectual Property Lawyer, Engineer, Story-Teller/Writer, Reader, Music Lover, Picture Watcher, Broke Father, Rich Daddy. Working on first novel.

  • Surattikorn Chumkaew

    Surattikorn Chumkaew

  • Joe Douglas

    Joe Douglas

    Collector. Writer. Artist. Geek. I write mostly about the hobby of collecting. Check out my full portfolio at

  • Lisa R Dean

    Lisa R Dean

    Imposter Programmer. Former sysadmin. Still on the impossible childhood quest to know everything.

  • Ganal Servingh

    Ganal Servingh

    Traieste frumos, zambeste mai larg. Viața este frumoasă.

  • anbu.benzigar


  • kim kulling

    kim kulling

    I am working as a Software-Architect and System-Designer, in my free time I am working on Asset-Importer-Lib.

  • Steven Rescigno

    Steven Rescigno

    Designer | Developer

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